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An overview of Angel eye Headlamps

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Angel Eye Lamp--a kind of lamp.

The Angel Eye headlight refers to the yellow or other color of the LED lamp, which is surrounded by the light and the far light lamp, and is very beautiful in the light of the wide lamp.

Originally from the BMW 5-series Headlamps design, when the big lights, BMW lights will have a halo, the halo is very much like the halo on the angel's head, so many users gave her a nickname: Called Angel Eye.

Under normal circumstances, the original "Angel Eye" headlamps will match the lens lamp holder and xenon headlamps. Remove the beautiful "angel eye" headlamps without other practical features.

The original installation of "Angel Eye" headlamps mainly to the BMW series, general vehicle Upgrade "Angel Eye" headlamps can be purchased by adding foreign modified factory production of "Angel Eye" lamp assembly to achieve, such as Volkswagen's "Angel Eye" assembly range, most of the German manufacturers manufacturing, excellent workmanship, the price is relatively high.

Taiwan's Angel eye headlamps in the appearance of a good, beautiful look, and there is a dynamic, but this lamp on the factory to write very clearly prohibit the installation of xenon lamp, just a lot of people forcibly added xenon. The light angle is very small, and the lens of the xenon filter is very poor, almost the same as the direct Xenon basic. Far light some light is still more concentrated, inexpensive, suitable for the appearance of the person fitted. But the models are very limited.

The original Assembly also said it, the original assembly also has a lot of German car's day car, German car, mainly is the original hat assembly is basically with xenon, but there are single of the double light, the majority of the two light, there is also a Japanese band lens, single double light also have a match, the effect of the light is still good, the effect of the double light is better, but the price is not low, not generally acceptable price, and some car orders are also more troublesome.

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