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what is reversing light ?

- Apr 23, 2018 -

what is reversing light ?

The car reversing lights, installed in the rear of the car, are used to illuminate the road behind the car when reversing, and serve as vehicles and pedestrians behind the car.

Car reversing lights, according to the use of materials, divided into 2 kinds : 

1, gas car reversing lights; 

2, LED car reversing lights. According to the base points, divided into: 

1,) P21W; 

2,) W21W; 

3, )P27W; 

4, )W16W


P21W, power is 21W, bulb diameter is 26.5mm, total length is 52.5mm, also can be called BA15S or 1156. The use of P21W car reversing lights models Mercedes-Benz S-series, BYD F3, etc.


W21W, the power is 21W, can also be called 7440. Vehicles that use W21W car reversing lights such as Jeep-Orange.


P27W, power is 27W, also known as 3156


W16W, power is 16W, bulb diameter is 15.2mm, total length is 35.6mm, lamp cap is expressed as W2.1 x 9.5d. Vehicles that use W16W car reversing lights such as the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series, Audi Q5, etc.

Gas car reversing lights

 the material used is halogen. The car reversing lights made of halogen have mature technology and low prices. Many models are used. However, there are some deficiencies, such as radiation, mercury, easy to break, etc., causing some inconvenience to transportation and installation. The service life is around 8000 hours.

     LED car reversing lights

LED car reversing lights, that is, the material used is LED. The automobile reversing lamp made of LED has the characteristics of no pollution, no radiation and long service life, and the theoretical life is more than 50,000 hours. There are now many models that have adapted the reversing lights to LED reversing lights. However, LED car reversing lights have a large impact on popularization due to their high prices. Especially in China, the penetration rate is quite low.  In developed countries, the penetration rate is quite high.


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