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Display of number plates

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Number plates remain the property of Roads and Maritime Services. Roads and Maritime has the authority to issue number plates, decline the issue or renewal of number plates and the authority to withdraw any number plates.

Display of number plates

Number plates must be permanently fitted to vehicles in an upright position and parallel to the vehicle’s axles, and not more than 1.3 metres above ground level.

Number plates must not be obscured, defaced or otherwise not legible.

The numbers on number plates must be clearly visible from any point that is up to 20 metres from the number plate, and within an arc of 45 degrees from the surface of the number plate above or to either side of the vehicle.

Number plate covers must be clear, clean, untinted and flat over the entire surface, and have no reflective or other characteristics that would prevent the successful operation of traffic offence detection devices.

For vehicles, one number plate must be fitted to the front of the vehicle and another to its rear. If different in size, the larger number plate must be fitted to its rear.

For motorcycles or trailers, one number plate must be fitted to its rear.

At least one number plate light must be fitted to the rear of vehicles. When on, number plate lights must illuminate number plates on the rear of vehicles with white light, so the numbers can be read at night 20 metres from the vehicle’s rear.

Number plate lights must not project white light to the rear of vehicles, and must not obscure the numbers on number plates.

Number plate lights must be wired to come on, and stay on, when the vehicle’s parking lights, headlights or tail lights are on. see the http://www.linhongled.com/led-license-plate-lamp/ for more information for cars led license plate lamp .

It is an offence for drivers and registered operators of vehicles if its number plates are not fitted properly, obscured, defaced or otherwise not legible. 

It is an offence for drivers and registered operators of vehicles if its rear number plate is obscured. You could be fined $425 for a light vehicle or $637 for a heavy vehicle and receive 3 demerit points. Courts can issue a fine up to $2,200.

Note: These requirements apply to auxiliary number plates, except being ‘permanently fitted to vehicles’. Auxiliary number plates can be displayed on the rack, a panel, or the item carried or towed.

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