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How to choose Angel Eye Headlamps

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Generally speaking, the "Angel Eye" headlight refers to the yellow or other color aperture around the light and the far light bulb, most of the original "Angel Eye" will match the lens lamp holder with the xenon headlamps. As the Angel Eye is open with the wide lamp at the same time, the big light is not open at this time, look far away, the beautiful aperture is particularly noticeable, and the actual function of the Angel Eye is limited to this only. The original installation of the "Angel Eye" headlamps of the first mainly BMW series, the 5 series of headlights in the light of the state of the angel when the eye light is very dignified and strong, this allows countless modified car friends mouth-watering. Therefore, some well-known foreign lights manufacturers have launched the angel eyes of the Xenon lamp assembly, which the Volkswagen Department of "Angel Eye" assembly of more complete categories. Because most of the well-known companies from Germany, such as FK and Hella, the craft is excellent but the price is relatively high. For ordinary vehicles equipped with halogen headlamps, they can also be fitted with angel eyes while retrofitting xenon headlamps.

At present the market Modified Angel eye from luminescent materials, divided into CCFL and led two kinds. CCFL is commonly known as the cold cathode tube, most of the current LCD display is the use of this material. Because its luminous principle is to add high pressure at the poles of the tube, the mercury electrons in the tube and the gas atoms interact with each other to produce ultraviolet rays, which are converted to visible light through the ultraviolet rays of the tube walls. LED is the light-emitting diode, led Angel Eye Circle is actually by one of the LED particles arranged into a ring. Compared with CCFL, led internal drive voltage is much lower than CCFL, so not as CCFL need ballast to start, and installation is simpler, power and security are better than CCFL. But the LED Angel Eye Circle because it is the point of light source, so light after the aperture is not continuous, beautiful degree less than CCFL. In addition, CCFL long time use, the two ends of the light tube electrode bit easily black, especially the partial modification of the unqualified products, this phenomenon is more serious.

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