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HOW To Install Angel Eyes E92 ?

- Jul 17, 2018 -

                            HOW to install angel eyes E92 ?

where can I get angel eyes install ?  

This installation guide is based on 2010 BMW X5 and it will also for all the BMW with H8 led marker angel eyes . 

Some of our customers complain that our BMW angel eyes are not able to light up the outer angel eyes ring , Here I will explain this issue in this installation guide. 

Here is a picture of a BMW e92 3 series headlight from the back side , you can find the fiber optic tubes that can travel the light to the angel eyes ring.


Please locate the factory e92 angel eyes bulb housing , remove the cap , twist and pull the halogen bulb out.

Insert the H8 angel eyes led marker angel eyes bulb , be gentle when you install the led marker angel eyes. Do not force the led light source of marker angel eyes , so you must insert the led bulb directly into the housing hole but not at a downward angle , you may scrape the edges of bulb and the silicone on the led emitter. 


The position of H8 angel eye bulb is very important when during installation , there are two led emitters on each side . The led emitters must be directly facing the fiber optic tuber hole in order to provide sufficient amount of light to the outer ring.

If you can not light up the outer ring , then need to try more times again, pull the angel eyes bulb out , rotate the bulb 120°and lock it into place again. You may need to try 3 times to get it in correct position to the fiber optic tubes and in the end  there is only one proper way to install the H8 led marker eyes in proper position . If do like that , the outer ring will lit up as arount as the below picture.  

Ok , you may wonder where you would put the wire and decoders after you completed the previous installation . You do not need to leave them hanging and can tuck everything inside the cap , it will give it clean look like you never install aftermarket bmw led marker. 

At last , maybe some customer will ask if the led decoders of led marker eyes will get hot to cause damage .  The answer is of cause no ! The decoders ( also called inverter also ) get warm from use but definitely not as hot as a heated iron.


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