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How to tear the eye shade of Angel

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Method One: Directly put the lamp in the oven, set the temperature about 120 degrees, and then make sure the oven is not preheated, put in, heating 5-10 minutes, heating time due to the size of the oven and different power, general heating 4, 5 minutes after the non-stop to see, with the hands broken off look, more solid words will continue to heat, probably up to 10-15 minutes (see the oven power, but not more than 20 minutes), you can easily open the hand, the strength is probably like opening a strong pencil case. If it's too long, it's a plastic paste.

Method Two: With the heating gun, this comparison is not terrible, but the speed is fast, is the muzzle of the sealant at the place slowly all go side, determine the glue melts open, can pull the lampshade on the good.

Method Three: Use hair dryer. Suitable for people without the above two tools a word screwdriver card in the air vent, and then blow with a hair dryer, there is enough temperature after the glue will melt, and then use a screwdriver card in, and then continue to use the hair dryer to continue to blow, while walking along the side of the blow, but the speed is slow.

The principle of opening the lampshade is to melt the glue, then it is OK, so everyone just melts the glue.

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