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How To Use The Lamp Correctly?

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Proper use of the headlights? Civilized driving simple, in fact, it is not simple! How to use each of the lights, good, we need to know.

Position Light

The position lamp, as the name implies, shows the location of the stationary car in the dark.

(and daytime traffic lights are also one of the position lights) can not be used to drive in the dark place lights.

1, the general position of the lamp is in the sky when the blacked open, because that time to open the big lamp does not play any role, opened the position light can hint rear vehicle, and front pedestrian, show your car outline.

2. When the fog day needs to turn on the position lamp, because the position lamp does not open, the fog lamp cannot open.

Near Light

Driving in the dark without lighting, or in the day will be dark, at the beginning of the dawn now driving must turn on the near-light light;

During the day, if you encounter heavy fog, snow or heavy rain, so that the sight is blocked, you must also turn on the near light;

There are lighting fixtures on the road, but not enough brightness.

Remote Light

The remote light can be used only if there is no other lighting on the road and there is no opposite vehicle. Otherwise it will seriously interfere with the other side of sight, or even cause traffic accidents. Beware of the remote light when used as near-light lamp. You must immediately replace the remote light with the near-light light:

There's a car on the other side.

The distance from the front of the car is closer;

There is enough illumination on the road;

Crossing the crossing of the railway;

Back to the busy streets;

If the driver is not friendly to the remote light, you can flash over the far light to remind the other side of the light:

Without looking at its headlights, move the line of sight to the right side of the lane;

Slow down the car and whistle properly.

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