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Inspection of the headlights

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Car headlights Check first vehicle Four corners of the four lights are normal, mainly include: outline lights, near-light lights, far-light, danger alarm signal lights, turn lights, reversing lights, brake lights and high brake lights, license lights and so on. In the new car inspection notices, the car headlight inspection is essential. So to carefully check, and, this step of the inspection is generally required to cooperate with two people, after all, you step on the brakes, can be divided into the rear brake lights to see if there is a problem.

Mainly to the following kinds of car headlights do careful inspection:

Front turn lamp, side turn lamp check: Amber, turn, change when opening, remind you behind and side of the vehicle you do the action.

The check of the reversing lamp: When the owner hangs the gear to open automatically, is similar to the white transparent lamp, mainly plays the prompt behind the pedestrian, the obstacle and the reversing when the illumination uses.

Brake lights check: Red, mainly divided into left and right brake lights and high brake lights, the current side of the obstacle, as long as you step on the brakes, the back of the three brake lights will be lit up to prevent rear-end accident occurred.

Near-light light, far-light inspection: white, the main use of the market near-light lamp is halogen lamp or xenon lamp. In the automobile headlight inspection, the far light light is easy to be neglected, therefore must remember carefully examines.

Fog Lamp Inspection: yellow color, divided into front fog lamp and rear fog lamp. Mainly used for rainy days, fog open. Because of rain and fog day visibility is relatively low, so yellow color fog lamp, penetrating force is relatively strong, you can remind others to find their vehicles early.

All kinds of car lights after the inspection, we must check whether there is fog in the lampshade, if there is fog, it is possible that the tightness of the lamp is not good. In the new car inspection note, this step is often overlooked, because the new car has not yet started, and sometimes even if the tightness is not good, it is difficult to see. So, if there is a condition, pour a little water on it to see better.

Next to check whether the installation of car headlights smooth, and the perimeter of the border is on a line, and sometimes the installation of lights is not appropriate, it may lead to headlights and the surrounding gap is large, small or uneven, but also to see whether the lights on both sides of symmetry,

Friendship tip: Car headlights inspection, in all the new car inspection considerations, is a relatively simple step, but because the installation of the lights in the car overall installation process, more prone to problems, so also in the examination of this link, also should be taken seriously.

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