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Introduction Of Lenses

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Auto Xenon modified lens is basically the combination of xenon lamp and optical principle perfect technology, it is in the car headlights to add a sea-pull variable light convex lens, to achieve a strong concentration without astigmatism safe driving environment.

Lens modified by the xenon and the sea-pull lens, which is represented by the Hailade lens, near-light effect can reach 120 degrees of sight width, the use of mechanical-type light switch device, you can make the opposite driver clearly feel that the change of light signal does not affect the other side of the line of sight. The effect of a good lens will not sway the driver's cab and the cutting line is clearly visible.

Good lenses do not have the same visual effects at different angles. Make the bulb brighter but not glare, luminous brightness equivalent to 55W halogen lamp 3 times times, but only 35W power, does not affect the original car wiring configuration, greatly improve the efficiency of the electrical. Because it is installed in the appropriate angle will not produce superfluous glare, the oncoming people will not have a thorn purpose interference. Strong reliability, greatly improve the visibility of night driving.

Advantages of Modified Lenses

The use of modified lighting to illuminate the road is wider and safer.

The use of modified lights in the night driving, so that you have a better visual distance, more traffic safety.

The use of modified lighting angle of 120 degrees to make the car light more reasonable, completely solved the problem of astigmatism.

Mechanical dimming makes switching more visible and safe to far and near light.

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