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LED car lighting

- Jul 24, 2017 -

1. Headlamp: The main use of headlamp is to illuminate the road and objects in front of the vehicle to ensure the safety of driving. can also use the far-light, near-light alternating changes as a night overtaking signal. The headlights are mounted on both sides of the car's head, with 2 or 4 vehicles per car. Lamp power for far-light 45~60w, near-light 25~55w.

2. Fog lamp: Fog lamp is installed near the headlamp or slightly lower than the headlamp. It is in the case of fog, snow, heavy rain or dust diffuse, such as low visibility, as a road lighting and to provide signal for oncoming vehicles. The light is yellow, which is because the yellow light wave is longer, has the good fog-penetrating performance. The lamp power is generally 35W.

3. Reversing lamp: The reversing lamp is installed in the tail of the car, used to illuminate the road and inform the vehicle and pedestrians, the vehicle is reversing or ready to reverse. It also has the function of the light signal device. The light is white and the power is 28W.

4. Licence Light: the license plate lamp is mounted above the tail plate of the car, and its purpose is to illuminate the rear plate of the vehicle. The requirement is that the number on the license plate can be seen at night after the car at 20M. The light is white and the power is generally 8~10w.

5, Ceiling lamp: Installed in the cab or the top of the car, for the cab lighting lamps. The Ceiling lamp light is white, the lampshade mostly uses the transparent plastic, the bulb power is generally 5~8w.

6, instrument lamp: It is instrument lighting tools, often with the instrument board. The light is white and the bulb power is generally 2~8w.

7, Step lamp: It is used to illuminate the door step, convenient for passengers up and down car lamps. The light is white and the bulb power is generally 5~8w.

8. Luggage lamp: It is inside the car inside the luggage compartment of the lamp. The light is white and the power is 5~8w.

9, Tool Light: It is used in the repair of automobiles, in the car to install working lights sockets, with a wire mobile lamp. The light is white and the bulb power is generally 8~20w.

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