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Maintenance and use of car lights

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Car headlights, car led daily lights as human eyes. "The eyes" dim, or sparkle, not only related to the external image of a car owner, but also in the night driving or bad weather conditions of security. A car usually does not care about our family, but if the lights in the evening drive to the suburbs without street lights, fog or find out how important the distance is, so the use of the lamp and maintenance is not negligible.

Bright lighting is an important guarantee for driver safety. During the normal use of the car, many owners only pay attention to the tires, batteries, braking components, ignoring the night care. In fact, should always look for lights, safety.

Note 1: Check the bulb, in peacetime use and daily maintenance, the owner should pay attention to check the night and the broad lights, fog lights, brake lights and so on is normal, if the working light bulb is found black, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Note 2: How do I change the bulb? The owner should read the instructions, usually remember that the bulb, the socket structure is prepared to cope with the emergence of temporary status. Various types of bulbs, if available, should be ready to brake light and direction supply.

Note 3: Check the lamp to pay attention to the dust cover has cracked if the lamp is easy to crack, driving dust cover caused by rain into the lamp, forming a mist in the chimney. Once the headlights are lit, the water will be affected, and perhaps the circuit plugs will corrode, causing the damaged headlights. At this time, the owner can open a large lamp dust cover, and open a large lamp, lamp still light before the lamp in 10 minutes of the mist began to disappear, 1 hours after the complete disappearance, if disappeared, don't worry, but if there is fog, to professional after-sales service station to deal with.

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