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Replace LED License Light

- Jul 17, 2018 -

LED license plate Light is also, can often light and power consumption small. With blue LED light power small, no impact on the car. Friday Car wash found the license lamp light bulb flickering flashing, the original license light used is to buy the white led, quality or not ah; it is estimated that the bulb has 3 light bulbs burnt. Do not need tools, disassemble, the light bulb unloading, in fact, disassembly is very simple.

Although the use rate of the trunk lamp is low, but the ordinary bulb calorific value is high, the power consumption is slightly big, replaces the LED energy saving, chooses the white, the evening thing is clear and convenient, the disassembly trunk lamp also does not need the tool, all is button, with the hand from inside a top to come down, also very simple.

have been planning to replace the LED bulb, just take this opportunity to change. In the evening of Friday, I ordered 9 LED bulbs (6 of my friends ' cars) to arrive in the afternoon of Sunday. Several lights in the DC power supply to do the next Test, and show the working current, brightness is good; Pay attention to the installation of the bulb to cut off power, well open the power supply, if the bulb is not lit, turn off the power, the light bulb in a different direction to reinstall it.

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