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Sealed Angel Eye Shade

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Method one, with a heating gun to the lampshade on both sides of the glue slowly walk away, this will melt again, this time to close the lid on the good, then can again on a layer of sealant for double protection, I generally use the transparent temperature-resistant silica gel, waterproof sun has toughness, there are many kinds of glue, not sure to find a garage of the people asked a good

Method Two, put the lamp in the oven (for the car without a heating gun) but the sealing effect is the same, the time first set 2-3 minutes, and then kept open the lid to check the glue situation, into a half liquid can be taken out of the sealed, and then add a layer of sealant on the good

Method Three, is to remove the original glue on the lampshade, to this is best in the first time to remove the lampshade, because the glue is soft when it is best to remove, with a a-word screwdriver, along the glue groove to walk 2 times on the good, and then seal the time is to put the sealant on the original groove, and then the encapsulation is good.

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