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Stock Yellow Halogen Halos Not Good Looking? Led Marker E90 E91 3 Series LED Lights Ring Bulbs Helps You

- Jul 17, 2018 -

2x6W High Power BMW Angel Eyes E90 E91 3 Series LED Lights Ring Bulbs White Halo are in mass manufacturing today! welcome your inquiry and order. 


Quantity:  2 LED bulbs
Packing :  2 bulbs in Box!
Fitment:  Please see compatibility guide above
*Note: This product only fits models with factory HID headlights!
LED Type:  Bridgelux led
Brightness:   450 Lumens per bulb
Color:  6500K   (Xenon White 6000K-6500K) 
Power:  6W 
Installation:  100% Plug and Play!


E90 6W LED  easy to install, custom designed LED bulbs will plug into your existing housing and give your BMW the custom look it deserves!
Our angel eyes are also custom tailored to meet BMW's complex ECU light monitoring system.  The built in Can-Bus override system in each bulb will prevent your car's computer system from giving you errors when you use our bulbs!  






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