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The Angel Eye Converts The Big Literacy

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Angel Eye refers to the surrounding lights around the original lamp, can significantly improve the appearance of the lamp, the current Angel Eye modification is divided into two ways:

1. Angel Eye Modification: refitting in the original lamp assembly, namely opens the original car lampshade, adds the Angel eye circle, and seals the original car lampshade

2. Dress Up Angel Eye assembly: Industrial production Angel Eye assembly, directly remove the original car assembly, replace the new Angel Eye assembly.

The advantage of the replacement Angel Eye assembly is: the lamp shape than the original car assembly made a larger improvement, more beautiful, and most add a beautiful LED lamp eyebrow, easy to install, do not need a very professional technician to open the lampshade, just to replace the assembly can be.

HID Xenon Lamp Introduction

Responsibility for safe lighting

The official statistics show that 50% of the traffic accidents are caused by the lack of a clear view of the road traffic or pedestrians, even during the day. The most common cause of the accident is the failure to pay attention to the dangers ahead in the night. Advanced lighting technology to meet the different requirements of road conditions to provide customers with more comfort and more effective security.

Regulations on Xenon lamp modification

Europe (ECE R48 STVO 50th Chapter 10) strictly prohibit the manual conversion of xenon lamp, modification must be through the relevant testing and the need to install lens devices. At present, lighting products comply with the relevant national regulations with several manufacturers ' requirements but national regulations have not yet issued relevant regulations for special issues such as: the uniformity of optical distribution and the switching of multiple optical types, the overall quality of optical design depends entirely on the manufacturer's sense of responsibility.

Our country about the automobile xenon illumination standard and the regulation release, does not add the projection lens and the installed HID owner will have the possibility to pass the annual inspection, therefore recommends that you install the Xenon lamp simultaneously to install the lens.

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