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The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW (1)

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW


Talking about the design of BMW

Can't go around, there must be "angel eyes" these three words


Design of BMW Angel Eye

Just like the eyes of a beast

Not only look directly at you, but also look directly into your soul


The real name of the angel's eye: “Corn crown headlights”, BMW first mass-produced in the mid-section of the E39 5 series, launched around 2000:


At that time, the concept of "daytime running lights" had not popular. The aperture of the angel's eyes only lighted up when the width and headlights were turned on (if there were mistakes , welcome corrections). In the dark evening, the golden-eyed BMW 5 Series is extremely charming on the road:



The first generation of angels' eyes are two rounds of the same size, side by side. This is the same design on the subsequent E65/66 7 Series:



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