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The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW (2)

- Jun 30, 2018 -

The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW

Let us continue to talk the development and history of led angel eyes of BMW

In the E60 5 series that was launched in 2003, the angel's eye was further sublimated: from the E39 double circle of the same size, it evolved into a large outer ring and small for inner , adding a raised eyebrow, and the whole design is exquisite and perfect.



The golden lights and eyebrows are full of sense presence when the headlight is on.  I still think: This is one of the best headlights of BMW has ever seen.


It should be noted that the angel eyes are still not "daytime driving lights", and are only lit when the width and headlights are turned on:


The subsequent E90 3 series did not have an eye-like eyebrow, but it still with full of sense of level.



The angel's eyes are even more compelling on the tall X5 models:



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