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The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW (3)

- Jun 30, 2018 -

The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW

Let us continue to talk the development and history of led angel eyes of BMW

Around 2009-2010, it was a watershed in the design of BMW Angels Eyes. Prior to this, BMW's angels were golden brown and were not used as "daytime running lights". They were only turned on when the headlights and width lamp Light up,  but some models also have golden angel eyes and has the "Daytime Running Light" option in the iDrive.


Here I would like to talk about the design of a traditional angel eye: the light source is a halogen light bulb built inside, which is derived from precision polishing and long plexiglass with a fine reflective design to form a circle. In reality, this design has the disadvantage of low light guiding efficiency. Under bright sunlight, the brightness is not so prominent that it cannot be used as an effective “daytime driving light”.



So in the 2010 6th Generation 5 Series (F10/18), BMW first used a white angel eye , using LED light sources, and improved light guide design: the light source is no longer a halogen bulb, but two The group LED lights directly from below the lamp. The angel eyes thus designed are clearly visible in the midday sun, and the angel eye has truly become a whole day light design.



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