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The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW (4)

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW(4)

Hello continue to talk the development and history of led angel eyes of BMW

Subsequent F20 1 Series and F30 3 Series have also adopted the same light emitting design. It is worth noting that the angel of the F30 3 Series has evolved again: from the 5th round, the upper and lower arcs have been cut off. The "trimming and rounding" of the eyes is visually speaking, the "eye circle" is even bigger, but from my personal preference, it is still better to look round.




The F12 6 Series that was launched in the same year as the F30 3 Series is still a round angel eye design:


The 7 series of small changes introduced in 2013, the angel's eye is an alternative existence: thick semi-circular design, does not use light guide design, but with the LED directly behind the light ring. Personally, I personally think that... This is the most unsuccessful angel eye design in recent years: not only does it lack a sense of refinement, but it can occasionally see this 7 Series on the road. The angel eye lacks an interior lighting for the simple reason that one of the LEDs burns Now. And even if there is no failure, the brightness of its ring is not uniform.



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