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The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW (5)

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The Development and History of LED ANGEL EYES of BMW(5)

this is  5th part to continue the development and history of led angel eyes of BMW

In 2014, the new X5 also adopted a "cut-and-round" angel eye design. The visual effects on the road were very domineering, and the high-profile and X5 M adaptive LED headlamps were more exquisite:


When it comes to BMW's "Adaptive LED" headlights, the angel eye design it carries is an evolution: from a simple circle to a "deep" wide-format design, together with fine laser engraving, The angel's eye sense of refinement and refinement was once again enhanced. In the past few years, this is the exclusive design of high-end, top-matched BMW models, which have gradually been decentralized to more family-friendly models in recent years.

X5 M


X1 wide edge angel eyes


Another brand new "angel eye" appeared in 2014: BMW i series "U-shaped" lamp, although this design is not like the "eyes", but the recognition of the road is first-rate, absolutely not admit it. The complete body design of the i-series Angel Eye is presented on the i8 equipped with a laser headlight:


(I8 angel eyes equipped with laser headlights)


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