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What is car license plate light ?

- Nov 30, 2017 -

what is car license plate light ?

A license plate light is a light used to illuminate a license plate at night, or when the weather is dark, and a small light such as a driving position, which is generally used for tracking and monitoring work by the police at night. The installation of the car license plate light is very simple, screw-shaped light bulb installed in the car above the license, play a role in lighting and decoration. If you accidentally break a red light or cause a traffic accident, it will become an important assistant in police raid. In accordance with the relevant provisions, all vehicles must drive the license plate light at night when driving at night. The brightness of the car license plate light, normal visual acuity at night within 20 meters, must be able to see the license plate number. According to the requirements of the car license plate lights must be the same light switch control.

What kinds of car license plate lamp  ? 

1. Described by material classification

   a. Gas car license plate light

Gas vehicle license plate lights, that is, the use of gas, such as halogen, the common gas vehicle license plate lights have W5W, C5W, H5W, but W5W use more. Gas vehicle license plate lights, technology is mature, the price is low, but will produce radiation, which contains mercury, the shell is made of glass, easily broken, leading to environmental pollution.

   b. LED car license plate lights ( we recommend led license plate lamp for you )

    LED license plate lights, that is, the material used is LED. Made of LED license plate lights, no radiation, no pollution, long life expectancy reached 50,000 hours, that is, during the retirement of cars do not have to change the light bulb. However, the price of LED car license plate lamp is more expensive, therefore, its popularity has a certain impact on the use. In developed countries, LED vehicle license plates are already being used in large numbers, and in China, they are still relatively small.

2. Described by base classification

   a. C5W

C5W, the power is 5W, the bulb diameter is 10.5mm, the total length is 35.0mm, the cap is expressed as SV 8.5, made of light bulb can be called double-pointed bulb or double-ended bulb, made of the license plate light can also be called double tip Car license plate lights.

   b. w5w 

W5W, the power is 5W, the bulb diameter is 10.29mm, the total length is 26.8mm, the lamp cap is expressed as W2.1 × 9.5d. W5W can be called straight or flat insert, made of light bulbs can be called wedge.


H5W, the power is 5W, the bulb diameter is 9.0mm, the total length is 33.0mm, the lamp head is expressed as BA 9s. Made of light bulbs can be called spherical light bulbs.


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