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what is Pseudo sodering damage ?

- May 10, 2018 -

what is Pseudo sodering damage ?

Pseudo Soldering are mainly caused by oxides and dirt on the surface of the metal to be welded. The solder joints become contact state with contact resistance, resulting in abnormal operation of the circuit, unstable phenomena occurring in good or bad times, and increased noise without regularity. Sexuality brings significant risks to the commissioning, use and maintenance of the circuit. In addition, there are also some solder joints that remain in contact for a long period of time before the circuit starts to work and are therefore not easy to find. However, under the selection of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and vibration, the contact surface is gradually oxidized and the contact gradually becomes incomplete. The contact resistance of the dummy solder joint will cause local heating, and the local temperature rise will further promote the incomplete contact of the solder joint, and eventually even cause the solder joint to fall off and the circuit will not work properly at all. This process can sometimes last as long as one or two years.

According to statistics, nearly half of all electronic machine product failures are caused by poor soldering. However, it is necessary to find faulty solder joints in the electronics of thousands of solder joints. This is not an easy task. Therefore, the virtual welding is a major hidden danger in circuit reliability and must be strictly avoided. Pay special attention to manual welding operations.

    Our factory needs to manually weld pcb board when producing led auto lights. Each step is operated according to the product's work flow. The technicians guide the welding, control the soldering iron temperature, and the proper temperature of the solder paste is strictly controlled. Product to quality department after 5 times of re-inspection, aging, chip inspection, brightness detection, current detection, appearance detection.

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