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what is Pseudo Soldering ?

- May 08, 2018 -

what is Pseudo Soldering ?

Welded joints have only a small amount of tin solder posts at the solder joints, resulting in poor contact and intermittent switching.


Both false and false welds indicate that the surface of the weldment has not been fully plated with tin, and the weldments have not been pinned by the tin. This is due to the fact that the surface of the weldment is not cleaned or the flux is used too little and the welding time is too short. This is a problem that all electronic products will encounter. It is a problem that can be solved and can be avoided. Therefore, in the process of producing led car lights, we do our most professional and perfect process to avoid this problem and put our auto led lights on The defect rate is reduced to zero, giving the user the safest and most perfect auto lamp.

The so-called "later failure of solder joints" means that the quality of solder joints on the surface is acceptable, and there are no welding defects such as "lap welding", "semi-spot welding", "pull tip" and "exposed copper". There is no fault in the assembled machine, but after the user uses it for a period of time, failures due to poor welding and poor electrical conductivity occur from time to time, which is one of the reasons for the high rate of early repair. This is "weld welding. ".


Pseudo Soldering, the English name of "weld welding", is generally caused by oxidation or impurities in the solder joints and poor soldering temperature, due to improper methods. The essence is that there is a separation layer between the solder and the pins. They are not completely contacted together. It is generally impossible to see its state. However, its electrical characteristics have no conduction or poor conduction, affecting the circuit characteristics.


Causes of Welds

1. Poor solder quality;

2. The poor reducibility or amount of flux is not enough;

3. The surface of the welded joint is not cleaned in advance and the tin plating is not strong;

4. The tip temperature is too high or too low, the surface has an oxide layer;

5. The welding time is too long or too short to master well;

6. When the solder has not yet solidified during soldering, the soldering elements are loose;

7. Component pin oxidation.

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