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What is the car Angel Demon Lamp

- Jul 24, 2017 -

CCFL (Coldcathodefluorescentlamp) in Chinese is called "cathode tube", its principle is similar to the fluorescent lamp. When sealed into different fluorescent powder, can present a variety of color visual light, the use of the BMW Angel Eye shape, its longer life, higher recognition, to replace the traditional indicator wide lamp function. The CCFL halo is installed around the lens, which shows individuality while also effectively improving the safety of driving.

Let it become a favorite of lamps. Cathode tube in our life has been widely used, such as LCD screen, photocopying machine, such as scanning lights, are assembled CCFL components.

A professional engaged in the conversion of xenon headlamps of the Tang people's car old what introduction demon eye and Angel Eye itself is a thing, but the Angel eye in the outside of the lens, the shape is a circular rendering. The Devil's Eye is inside the lens, so that the lens inside the lenses CCFL color.

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