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What is the lifespan of led tail lights and led headlights?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

What is the lifespan of led tail lights and led headlights?

The short answer is "decades," provided the heat sinks are designed correctly and aren't too cheap.

The most common failure mode for LED automotive lighting is heat. A lot of the cheap LED kits use generic aluminum heat sinks, and those tend to shorten lifespans considerably. However, the LED itself should last at least as long as a vehicle does, and probably a few years longer if correctly designed.

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Additionally, not that you asked, but LED lights "fire" a 200ms (or so) faster than existing bulbs, which can make quite a difference when we're talking about brake light activation time at highway speeds.

Finally, the fuel economy improvement attributable to LED lighting is estimated at 1-3% - that goes a long way towards justifying their higher initial cost, in addition to the longevity and safety advantages.

If you're buying an LED light, you want copper heat sinks and/or you want to buy from a very reputable brand.

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