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What is the Preventive methods for Pseudo Soldering ?

- May 18, 2018 -

What is the Preventive methods for Pseudo Soldering ?

1. Keep the tip of the iron clean

Because the electric iron head that is energized is in a state of high temperature for a long time, its surface is easily oxidized or burned, which deteriorates the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron head and affects the welding quality. Therefore, you can use a damp cloth or wet sponge to clean the iron on the head of the impurities, when the temperature is too high, you can temporarily unplug the plug or saponin to cool down, at any time so that the soldering iron hanging good.


2. Tin on matters needing attention

If there are rust stains, dirt, or oxides on the surface of the weldment and the solder joint, they should be “scrapedbefore soldering until a bright metal is exposed, so that the solder or solder joint surface can be plated with tin.


3. Welding temperature should be appropriate

In order to make the temperature appropriate, according to the size of the components should be used to select the appropriate power electric iron, when the power of the selected electric iron is certain, should pay attention to control the length of heating time.

When the solder is automatically scattered from the tip of the soldering iron to the object being soldered, the heating time is sufficient. At this point quickly remove the iron head, leaving a sleek solder joint. If the soldering iron is removed from the soldering station, little or no solder is left, which means that the heating time is too short, the temperature is not enough, or the solder is too dirty; if the solder is removed before the soldering iron is removed, it indicates that The heating time is too long and the temperature is too high. The temperature of a typical iron tip is controlled at an optimum welding temperature when the flux melts faster and does not emit smoke.

4. Tin on the right amount

According to the size of the required solder joints, the amount of soldering iron in the soldering iron is determined so that the solder is sufficiently wrapped to be soldered and toughened to form an appropriately sized and smooth solder joint. The solder joints are not tin and tin, but rather, the solder joints are more likely to be falsely welded. It is possible that the solder is deposited on top of them instead of soldered on them. If the amount of tin on one occasion is not enough, it can be repaired again. However, the tin on the previous one must be melted and then the electric iron should be removed. If there is too much tin on one occasion, you can use the iron head to take the appropriate amount.


5. Welding time should be appropriate

The proper use of welding time is also an important part of welding techniques. If it is a printed circuit board soldering, generally 2 ~ 3S is appropriate. If the welding time is too long, the flux in the solder is completely volatilized, the flux is lost, the surface of the solder joint is oxidized, and the surface of the solder joint is rough, black, not shiny, with burrs or flow defects. At the same time, the welding time is too long, the temperature is too high, and it is also easy to scorch the copper foil of components or printed circuit boards. If the welding time is too short and the welding temperature is not reached, the solder cannot be fully melted, which affects the wettability of the flux and can easily lead to an inadvertent weld.


6. Do not touch the solder joint during solidification of the solder joint

Before the solder joint is completely solidified, even a small amount of vibration will deform the solder joint and cause a false weld. Therefore, the welding part should be fixed before the iron head is withdrawn, such as holding with tweezers, or blowing quickly after the iron head is withdrawn. The purpose of these measures is to shorten the solidification time of the solder joint.


7. Care should be taken when tip evacuation

As shown in the first picture below , when the soldering iron head is evacuated diagonally upwards, a small amount of tin beads are carried on the soldering iron tip, which can form a smooth solder joint; The Second picture shows the tip of the soldering iron escaping vertically upwards. At this point, solder joints with sharp burrs can be formed; as shown in the third picture , when the soldering iron head is withdrawn in the horizontal direction, the soldering iron head can take away most of the solder balls.

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