BMW E39 3W LED Marker Angel Eyes

Specification: Fit To Vehicle Models : 04-07 1series E87 pre-lci (5door) 01-03 5series E39 face-lifted (525i, 530i, 540i) 00-03 5-series E39 M5 04-07 5-series E60 (525i,525xi, 530i, 530xi, 545i, 550i) 06-07 5-series E60 M5 06-07 5-series E61 Touring (530xi) 04-07 6-series E63 / E64 (645ci, 650i)...

Product Details

BMW E39 3W LED Marker Angel Eyes 

Fit To Vehicle Models :

04-07 1series   E87 pre-lci (5door)

01-03 5series   E39 face-lifted (525i, 530i, 540i)

00-03 5-series  E39 M5

04-07 5-series  E60 (525i,525xi, 530i, 530xi, 545i, 550i)

06-07 5-series  E60 M5

06-07 5-series  E61 Touring (530xi)

04-07 6-series  E63 / E64 (645ci, 650i)

06-08 6-seies   E63/ E64 M6

02-08 7-seies   E65/ E66 (745i, 745Li, 750i,750Li,760i, 760Li,  B7 alpina)

06-07          E83 x3

00-06          E53 x5

07-09          E60 520D



Business Type

OEM Manufacturer

Product Name

E39 3W led marker for bmw , led marker angel eyes ,angele yes marker , marker for bmw , angel eyes bulb replacement for bmw


With canbus , no flashing , no error message , no warning alarm, no radio interference


As lighting for angel eyes ring for BMW

Placement on Vehicle

Front  Left  Right


E39 3W



Led quantity

1 LED  Bridgelux  




6500K White ( customized color is available )

Life time

50000-100000 Hours


Plastic and aluminum


176g /set (with box )


Gift box /set
Carton Measure :29*52*27CM


1 Year

why to choose our led marker angel eyes for bmw ?

1. our led marker 's Socket is same like original lamp , directly replace the original lamp , no any wiring or connector modification 

2. It is with CANBUS function , error free , no flashing , no warning alarm 

3.the output light of led marker angel eyes is more softer, more rich and saturated than halogen or hid lamp , it looks more natural, in line with the characteristics of automotive lighting applications;

4.More durable: 

Led marker is durable, seismic strong, longer life , life is 10 times longer than traditional general halogen lamp;

5. More energy-saving: 

high efficiency, less heat, low consumption, environmental protection, 5050 SMD LED car lights less heat, is the future of automotive energy-saving applications

design concept;

6. More Safer: 

Responsive to traditional incandescent light, HID lamps require longer drive lighting delays.  more real-time reflection of vehicle conditions and road conditions,  Our bmw led marker angel eyes is leaving the driver a longer time to judge and reduce vehicle safety accidents;

7. More practical:

 small size, light weight, can achieve more compact and exquisite lamps, save more space for other vehicle models;


8. More health:

 LED light is a green cold light, there is no infrared, ultraviolet and other light, heat, radiation is very small, car interior lighting make you more healthier,

led car light meet the needs of the backlight colorful applications.

How to install :

- A.  Cut electricity , open the housing ,take the original lamp out. 

- B.  Insert the lamp directly into the socket , it is plug and play 

- C.  Close the housing , turn on the LED MARKER. 

Our E39 led marker DO replace original light like below picture :

Packing box:

Picture show: (6500-7000k )

Customized color is available

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