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what are led car lights ?

- Mar 10, 2018 -

what are led car lights ?

three elements of led car light 

LED lights in three areas:  circuit design + LED lamp beads (light source chip) + different base.


1.Led chip

Chip, we all know that there are SMD, high-power LED, LED encapsulation is different, like the COB led, the chip will be converted into a glow surface luminescence, there are 3D lights on the market now, these are not the point. The focus is on the brightness of a variety of chips, as modified Well, the first thing looks good, the second is brighter than the original car, as for other energy-saving ,these we all understand

Different light source brightness: SMD

Common led : 3528 5050 5730 4014 ..

Brightness: the brightness of a single smd , the unit is lumens, the English abbreviation is LM.

E.g. 3528 is 3.5-8 LM per smd  , 5050smd is 17-22LM

Of course, the price of light will be different, the better the brightness, the more expensive the price is.  For example, it is clear that Taiwan's Epistar chips, the United States CREE chips, and Osram, Samsung, these are more famous in the corresponding field of chip makers.



Because the  code of original car lamp base and LED lamp base are different . so need corresponding swap. For example, P21W corresponds to 1156 base, PY21W corresponding to 1157 ah, this is not the point. The point is, the same shape (lamp) led lights, can be made into different sockets, you can change the base. For example, the 21W light-emitting high-power lamp that is common in appearance, but can be produced with many different bases.


3.Circuit design

Give a simple example, many people like constant current for LED lamp products. This is the circuit design. As early as the year, LED lights are with polarity , that is positive and negative pole, inserted into the light, you need to see which side is positive and negative .But now on the market , there are many led car light with non polarity without flickering . through the circuit design, regardless of the positive and negative, will be inserted in the anti-plug will be bright. No flicker means constant current, the light does not flash meaning


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