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The Advantages Of Xenon Lamp Standard Light Type

- Jul 24, 2017 -

1, with halogen bulbs more than twice times the lighting effect

2, can provide a wider and brighter lighting for the road light quality close to daylight

3, can make the driver notice that the vehicle has been moving to the roadside and see the obstacles ahead.

4, can make the road pedestrian or bicycle easier to distinguish

5, Xenon lighting to enhance visual contrast and brightness

6, in the rain and fog day can also have a safe lighting sight

Standard Xenon lamp Temperature color Contrast

Colour temperature color fog-day penetration most suitable for beautiful comments

3000K Gold is very strong far light, fog lamp with Angel Eye, for far light is very beautiful very suitable as far light and fog lamp, can enhance the penetrating ability of fog days, and effectively compensate for the near-light replacement white xenon lamp fog penetrating the shortcomings of insufficient. If you often pass through the foggy section of the owner, you can also choose 3000k Xenon lamp as a near-light light.

4300k White Yellow

General near light, far light beautiful 4S shop installed Xenon lamp standard color temperature, slightly yellow, conservative color feeling, beautiful than 6000k or 8000k

6000k White general near light, far light beautiful pure white light, very beautiful, suitable for use with Angel Eye assembly

8000k White partial blue light, light blue light, very beautiful white, blue lights, very beautiful, suitable for matching angel eye assembly use

23000k Pink Weak near the light is very beautiful very special color, but the penetrating force is poor, suggest must match 3000k far light use

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