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HOW to install angel eyes in car ?

- Mar 08, 2018 -

HOW to install angel eyes in car  ? 

The problem you may meet when install led bmw angel eyes .

Many BMW owners have wiring issues when install the led marker angel eyes bulb , or some owners are confused with the lighting disasters.  Most people figure out the problem and do not know how to fix it .

In such cases, customers complain about the fixture failure in lighting the outer ring and think it as a fault with lighting fixture. It is actually a flaw in installation process that leads to this problem ,not the fault of lighting fixture , if you installed properly the angel eyes in car , then the outer ring will be as brighter as the inner ring and illuminate properly.

If you view closely the headlight installed in BMW series , such as E92 3 series , you may clearly observe and see that two different optical fiber cable from the headlight panel .  There two cable are actually responsible for traveling the light from the headlight to the outer rings. Therefore , this is the most important step , which is usually overlooked by most of people during the installation of angel eyes .  



When you install led marker angel eyes into your vehicle , you must be very cautious , a slight change may effect the lighting variations at the last stage after the completion of installation process. You need to be sure that two light emitters of the led marker are placed directly to face the opening of the angel eyes tubes , this will ensure that the optical fiber cable travel sufficient amount of light to the angel eyes outer ring with adequate illumination performance.

There is no other choice for that mentioned problem.  You need to ensure that the light emitters of BMW led marker are placed in the right location to provide sufficient amount of light so that it would not light up only slightly . If you do not end up committing this mistake , do worry you can still pulling out the led marker light from the assembly and turning it 120 degrees around. And insert again into the assembly , by doing that , you can ensure the led emitters are placed in correct direction to the hole and supply sufficient amount of light for the outer ring for your BMW angel eyes, like following picture , the outer ring is full bright.


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